90’s-2000’s television, a world I could get lost in.

Ah the 90’s … As much as I love Netflix original series’ (’cause who watches cable television anymore, right?), there’s something about 90’s sitcoms that I just can’t get enough of. I don’t know if it’s the story lines, the comedy, the gritty film quality, or maybe a mix of it all. Either way, here’s my top 90’s-2000’s TV shows that I would recommend watching if you’re a fan of this unforgettable decade.

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tv shows I’ve been watching lately

It’s that sweet time of year again…end of exam season and end of the semester. I’ve been utilizing it to the fullest potential – spending every day watching way too much tv for my own good. This post covers mostly what I’ve been watching recently and during (yikes) exam season which was around a month ago already. Where does the time go? Watching/wasting my time with television shows evidently. Here is my embarrassingly long list of shows I’ve been watching recently.

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