90’s-2000’s television, a world I could get lost in.

Ah the 90’s … As much as I love Netflix original series’ (’cause who watches cable television anymore, right?), there’s something about 90’s sitcoms that I just can’t get enough of. I don’t know if it’s the story lines, the comedy, the gritty film quality, or maybe a mix of it all. Either way, here’s my top 90’s-2000’s TV shows that I would recommend watching if you’re a fan of this unforgettable decade.

  1. Sabrina The Teenage Witch. 1996-2003

Based on the character from the Archie Comics series, this American sitcom follows the life of … well … a teenage witch named Sabrina. As simple as the title may seem, Sabrina’s life is not so much. Following her through high school and college, it’s hard not to become attached to her and her family, friends, boyfriends, the whole bit. Now I know what you may be thinking … the whole ‘magical powers’ thing might make this sound like a kids show, but I disagree. I mean I’m almost 20 and I own the whole series. I’ve watched it five times and I’ll definitely be watching it again. Also she has a talking cat, and if he’s not your favourite character you’re probably lying.


2. Boy Meets World. 1993-2000

Another series that I must confess to watching a dozen times is Boy Meets World. This show originally aired on ABC network, however Disney recently created and aired a spin-off series titled Girl Meets World; which is nowhere near as good as the original. I watched most of the first season of GMW but it got cheesy and boring after a while; the only good parts being the returning characters from BMW. GMW recently got cancelled, but luckily Boy Meets World ran a successful seven seasons. #Corpanga forever.


3.  Gilmore Girls. 2000-2007

Coffee & small town gossip = the lives of young mother Lorelei Gilmore and her Ivy League destined daughter Rory. This show also had it’s own sequel/spin-off which was uploaded to Netflix in late 2016 (Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life). It received mixed feedback; some people enjoyed it while others (like me) felt that it did not do the original show justice. The one question that was running through my head almost the entire time while watching it  was, “What the heck happened to Rory?”

The six original seasons of Gilmore Girls nonetheless, get my approval. There is a seventh season, however new writers were hired to take on this final part of the Gilmore Girls’ story, ultimately disappointing many fans by … well I’ll just let you watch it for yourself.


4. Friends. 1994-2004

If you haven’t seen or heard of Friends already then you best get to it. Arguably one of the most popular shows of its time, Friends ran a consecutive 10 seasons on NBC. It’s a sitcom that follows the lives of six friends living in New York city. Unlike most shows I’ve seen, I don’t remember being disappointed when the final episode came around. Loose ends were tied and viewers were left with a satisfied, bittersweet feeling as we watched the beloved characters close certain chapters and move on to others.   


5. Full House. 1987-1995

Whoa taking a brief step back into the 80’s for a sec … Full House brings me so much joy I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s also one of the only shows that’s created a spin-off that I actually don’t dislike (Fuller House, 2016)! This show follows a single dad (Danny Tanner, played by Bob Saget) who, with the help of his brother in law (John Stamos) and best friend (Dave Coulier), raises his three girls after losing his wife. All of the characters have such different personalities, but they blend together in a way that creates great comedy and fun memorable moments.

The spin-off follows the oldest daughter DJ, who was also widowed and now must raise her three sons with her sister Stephanie, and best friend Kimmy (weird coincidence?).


6. Felicity. 1998-2002

This is one show that I’m still in the middle of watching, I’m currently on the third season. Love love love this show. It follows a girl named Felicity through college and the various struggles that come along with it (very relatable for myself). There are only four seasons so I’m nearing the end, but can’t give it an overall justification yet. So far I’m pleased, but Felicity’s haircut: bad move my friend. I’m still painfully waiting for it to grow out. She’s so pretty and wonderful though ♥. Also another ship: #Belicity (?) forevaa.

Side note: the internet is really lacking in Felicity gifs… why.


7. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 1990-1996

Whether you’ve seen this show or not, I’m sure you’ve heard the theme song at least once in your life. Well along with the catchy song, comes a pretty binge-worthy TV show. Again like Felicity I haven’t finished this show yet; I’m only on season three out of six. And I have not yet experienced the dreadful replacement of Janet Hubert’s character (Aunt Vivian) with some newbie … I hate when shows replace main characters, like how can you justify it being a good decision?

Aside from the occasional jokes and actions made that display a certain disrespect for women (which really make me angry sometimes, maybe I overreact but… I’m a hormonal woman so); I’ve put this show on my list because I really enjoy majority of the story-lines, characters and the freshness that an African American cast brings to the screen. Geoffrey is my spirit animal tbh.


That’s all I have for now! Next on my list to watch: Party of Five, Dawson’s Creek, Saved by the Bell, Freaks and Geeks, and Clarissa Explains It All. Let me know if you have any other 90’s-2000’s show suggestions for me!



5 thoughts on “90’s-2000’s television, a world I could get lost in.

  1. I love Sabrina the Teenage witch too!! It’s so brilliant! And Salem is a great character. So is Hilda, and Jenny and Mr Pool. There are loads of great characters! They could never get her dad right, though. I thought the first guy who played her dad was too young, and then the second guy they got was too old. But, there you go! I love Gilmore Girls and Friends too – they are all great worlds to get lost in 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for the delayed response but I agree!! I haven’t watched Sabrina in a while but I do remember her always having a different dad.. Same with her mom too! It’s annoying but I guess they just hope we won’t notice lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sabrina was AWESOME!

    Though, I was a huge fan of Dan Schneider and the TV shows he produced, especially Zoey 101. Those however were from early to mid 2000’s – still cable!

    I could get lost in his world, that’s for sure.


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